Waterproofing Cement

This is a manufactured product made to seal swimming

20.6: Window sills can be plastered, covered with a nice piece of wood, or artistically finished with a mosaic as pictured here.

20.7: Deep, rich colours can be achieved using clay-based tints in a clay paint. Coated with a clear silicate finish, this is a long-lasting colour.

20.9: Deliberate trowel strokes in the plaster follow the contours of the openings in the wall, creating movement and flow on the tall wall.

20.8: Make up a number of tint samples and apply them directly to the wall in question. The colors will change as they cure, and may not look like the tint color at all.

pools and cisterns. It is mixed with water to a thick paint consistency for brushing or rolling onto the wall. The cement/lime and aggregate used to make this product are very finely ground, and the small pores make it shed most water while still allowing moisture to transpire out of the wall. It comes in either a gray or white base color; choose the white for best results with tints. Typically, this material is used as an exterior finish.

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