What You Spend Now versus What Youll Spend Later

Even if you're looking for the lowest possible costs,take care to weigh the advantages of bottomdollar prices with other factors. Used, single-pane windows may be dirt cheap, but you will pay for that choice with higher heating costs for the rest of the building's life, and many building codes do not allow single pane windows. Cheap

toilets are another common "money saver"; they won't last as long and they use more water.

Salvaged materials can be free, or at least significantly less expensive than new. But, they can also require large amounts of time to clean, prepare, and fit. This is fine if you have lots of time, but otherwise could offset the cost advantage. If you are willing to put in a bit of extra legwork, you may produce excellent and inexpensive options for many building materials, but

5.1: Friends and families, from kids to grandparents, are usually glad to be part of a bale raising. This can help save on labor costs and be a lot of fun, too.

rate their usefulness, condition, and long-term performance carefully.

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