Niche opposite memorial wall engraved with names of individuals killed.

1 entrance

2 ramp

3 museum building

4 the Square

5 burial ground

6 crevice

7 stone wal

8 niche a low-lying 2m high structure that forms part of the southernmost boundary wall, the unadorned bunker-like structure cuts into the ground to contain, among a series of more conventional exhibition spaces, an empty and haunting reinforced-concrete Void-Hall; a space which resonates with the isolation, pain and ultimate death of millions of lost souls; and more specifically the hundreds of thousands of people who died on this very site. ROB GREGORY


Andrzej Solyga, Zdzislaw Pidek, Marcin Roszczyk Architect

DDJM Biuro Architektoniczne: Marek Dunikowski, Piotr Czerwinski, Piotr Uherek Photographs Wojciech Krynski


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