Supported by arboreal columns, the pavilion blends into the forest. 2

A megaphone-shaped roof encloses a platform. 3

The elevated platform resists periodic flooding from the nearby river.

ground floor plan (scale approx 1:200)

execution, the pavilion is tucked in among a lush, hardwood forest of water tupelos and cypress trees near a former picnic area. Shaped like a giant megaphone, it sits boldly in its arboreal setting. A large deck made of local cedar forms a datum for viewing, assembly and performance. The deck is raised some 18in (450mm) off the ground (to resist the regular local floods) and cranks up to create benches and a formal entrance. Set against this main datum is a smaller, more intimate enclave with a love seat. The deck is sheltered by a thin, aluminium-clad roof that soars up to 24ft (7.3m) at its highest point. From a distance, the ground floor plan (scale approx 1:200)

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