James Morris

These photographs are taken from Butabu - adobe architecture of West Africa, James Morris and Suzanne Preston Blier, New York, Princeton Architectural Press, 2003.

Top: house, Djenne, Mali. Mud rendered walls have to be resurfaced regularly. As the mud dries it cracks, forming a delicate textured surface. The gently moulded structure behind the wall is a covered staircase opening onto the flat roof. The shape will subtly alter each time it is re-rendered. Bottom: house, Djenne, Mali. The blank facade with tiny openings for windows is a traditional style for the Djenne house. Domestic activity is concentrated in the open courtyard to the rear. Right: Sanam Mosque, Niger, designed in 1998 by Abou Moussa who travelled hundreds of miles from Yaamaa to this inaccessible region in the north of the country. It was built in 45 days by the whole village and appears to be the largest and most striking recent mud building in Niger.

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