exceptional architectural interest (Figures 9.20-9.24).

De Klerk died at the age of 39, two years after the project at Hembrugstraat was complete. He was the unofficial leader of the Amsterdam School, and greatly revered by his associates. Piet Kramer, a member of the school and a close colleague, wrote of de Klerk: 'The power of conviction that radiates from his drawings gives us that curious, happy feeling of being closer to the Almighty' (Quoted in Pehnt, 1973). De Klerk's vision was not infused with any notions of satisfying functional need; he was more interested in forms: forms with which to delight the user. In his search for personal expression he broke most rules of composition and most norms of structural propriety. De Klerk set bricks vertically in undulating courses and he clad upper floors

Figure 9.20 Hembrugstraat by de Klerk

Figure 9.21 and 9.22

Hembrugstraat by de Klerk

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