Shettleton Housing Association Glasgow

Architects: John Gilbert Architects, 1997

The L-shaped layout creates a safe access and semi-private children's play area in front of the south-facing, three-storey block of flats. The varied housing mix of one, two and three bedrooms includes convertible loft spaces, barrier-free standards and internal flexibility, and promotes the concept of lifetime housing.

It has high insulation standards (wall: 160mm Warmcel cellulose; roof: 300mm Warmcel cellulose; floor: 75 mm polystyrene).

The airtightness of the dwellings allows for pre-heated ventilation using a small fan, which pressurises the houses slightly. The air intake is through the void between the roof tiles and sarking, which reduces draughts as well as providing solar pre-heated fresh air using very simple and cheap technology. Draught lobbies are glazed and provided to the front and rear doors of the houses, creating additional amenity space as well as a thermal buffer to the main building.

Extensive planting and external structures around the buildings have been introduced to provide microclimate modification and thereby to minimise heat loss through the fabric by reducing wind velocities.

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