BRE Information papers

BRE IP 16/87 Maintaining paintwork on exterior timber.

BRE IP 17/87 Factory applied priming paints for exterior joinery.

BRE IP 20/87 External joinery: end grain sealers and moisture control.

BRE IP 5/90 Preservation of hem-fir timber.

BRE IP 10/90 Use of fungicidal paints to control mould growth.

BRE IP 5/91 Exterior wood stains.

BRE IP 2/92 Factory-applied stain basecoats for exterior joinery.

BRE IP 3/92 Solvent vapour hazards during painting with white-spirit-borne eggshell paints. BRE IP 4/94 Water-borne coatings for exterior wood. BRE IP 8/95 Interior painting of trim with solventborne paints.

BRE IP 12/95 Controlling mould growth by using fungicidal paints.

BRE IP 5/96 Progress in European standardisation for exterior wood coatings.

BRE IP 10/98 Resistance of masonry paints to microbial attack.

BRE IP 8/99 The performance and use of coatings with low solvent content.

BRE IP 16/00 Low-solvent primers: performance in construction steelwork.

BRE IP 7/03 Planned maintenance painting: improving value for money.

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