Brick Development Association Publications Design Notes

DN 7: 1986 Brickwork durability. J.R. Harding and R.A. Smith.

DN 8:1995 Rigid paving with clay pavers. M. Hammett and R.A. Smith.

DN 9:1988 Flexible paving with clay pavers. R.A. Smith. DN 11: 1990 Improved standards of insulation in cavity walls with outer leaf of facing brickwork. R.W. Ford and W.A. Durose.

DN 12: 1991 The design of curved brickwork. M. Hammett and J. Morton.

DN 13: 1993 The use of bricks of special shape. M. Hammett.

DN 15: 1992 Brick cladding to timber frame construction. B. Keyworth.

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