Building Research Establishment Publications

BRE Digests

BRE Digest 161: 1974 Reinforced plastics cladding panels.

BRE Digest 294: 1985 Fire risk from combustible cavity insulation.

BRE Digest 358: 1992 CFCs and buildings.

BRE Digest 382: 1993 New materials in hot climates.

BRE Digest 404: 1995 PVC-U windows.

BRE Digest 405: 2000 Polymer composites in construction.

BRE Digest 430: 1998 Plastics external glazing. BRE Digest 440: 1999 Weathering of white external PVC-U.

BRE Digest 442: 1999 Architectural use of polymer composites.

BRE Digest 480: 2004 Wood plastic composites and plastic lumber.

BRE Information papers

BRE IP 12/97 Plastics recycling in the construction industry.

BRE IP 7/99 Advanced polymer composites in construction.

BRE IP 8/01 Weathering of plastics pipes and fittings. BRE IP 12/01 Hot air repair of PVC-U profiles. BRE IP 2/04 Wood plastic composites: market drivers and opportunities in Europe.

BRE Reports

BR 274: 1994 Fire safety of PTFE-based materials used in building.

BR 405:2000 Polymer composites in construction. ADVISORY ORGANISATIONS

British Laminated Fabricators Association, 6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3JE (020 7457 5025).

British Plastics Federation, 6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3JE (020 7457 5000). British Rubber Manufacturers' Association Ltd., 6 Bath Place, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3JE (020 7457 5040).

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