Concrete Paving Slabs And Tiles

Grey concrete paving slabs are manufactured from Portland cement mixes with pigments added to produce the standard buff, pink and red colours. Standard sizes include 900 X 600 mm, 750 X 600 mm and 600 X 600 X 50 mm, but a wide range of smaller and thinner units is available for the home improvement market including 600 X 600 mm, 600 X 450 mm, 450 X 450 mm and 400 X 400 mm by 40 to 30 mm. Thicker units (65 mm and 70 mm) are manufactured to withstand light traffic. Plain pressed slabs may have slightly textured surfaces, whilst cast slabs are available with smooth, simulated riven stone, terrazzo or textured finishes. Tooled textured-finished slabs and associated products are available for use in visually sensitive locations. In addition to the standard square and rectangular units, a wide range of decorative designs including hexagonal, simulated bricks and edging units is generally available.

Tile units for roof terraces, balconies and external pedestrian areas in frost-resistant Portland cement concrete are manufactured to square and hexagonal designs in a range of standard red, brown and buff colours. They are suitable for laying on asphalt, built-up sheet roofing, inverted roofs and sand/cement screed. Typical sizes are 305 X 305 mm and 457 X 457 mm with thicknesses ranging from 25 to 50 mm.

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