Core Plywood

The standard core plywood products are blockboard and laminboard. Both are manufactured with a core of usually softwood strips sandwiched between one or two plies (Fig. 4.28). In blockboard the core strips are between 7 mm and 30 mm wide, but in laminboard, the more expensive product, they are below 7 mm in width and continuously glued throughout. As with plywood, the grain directions are perpendicular from layer to layer. Most core plywoods are bonded with urea-formaldehyde adhesives appropriate to interior applications only. The standard sheet size is 2440 X 1220 mm with a thickness range from 12-25 mm, although larger sheets up to 45 mm thick are available. Blockboard may be finished with a wide range of decorative wood, paper or plastic veneers for use in fitted furniture. Variants on the standard products include plywood with phenolic foam, polystyrene or a parti-cleboard core.

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