Decorative glassfibre reinforced gypsum boards and ceiling tiles

Decorative boards manufactured with a range of motifs can be used as dado or wall panels (Fig. 11.8). Dabs of sealant are used initially to fix panels to existing walls and to allow adjustment to a flush finish. Panels may be painted after jointing.

Ceiling tiles manufactured from GRG are available to a wide range of designs, including plain, textured, patterned, open or closed-cell surface and with square, tapered or bevelled edges. The standard size is usually 600 X 600 mm, although some manufactures produce units at 300 X 600 or 1200 and 600 X 1200 mm. GRG has good fire-resistant properties; it is non-combustible to BS 476 Part 4:1970, Class 1 surface spread of flame to BS 476 Part 6: 1989, Class 0 to Building Regulations Section E15, and does not emit smoke or noxious fumes in fire. Acoustic tiles with enhanced sound absorption and attenuation properties are normally part of the standard range, which may also include Imperial sizes for refurbishment work.

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