Glassfibre Reinforced Gypsum Boards

The standard boards, available in a range of thicknesses from 4 mm to 12.5 mm, are manufactured with a glass-fibre reinforced gypsum core and glass-fibre tissue immediately below the gypsum faces. The material is suitable for a wide range of applications including wall linings, ceilings and protected external positions such as roof soffits. The material can be easily cut on site and fixed with nails or screws; in addition, owing to the effect of the glass-fibre reinforcement, it can be curved to fit, for example, barrel-vault ceilings. The minimum radius of curvature depends upon the

- four-sided protection Fig. 11.7 Fire protection with GRG panels

Decorative panels Decorative mouldings

Decorative panels Decorative mouldings

Fig. 11.8 Decorative GRG plaster components

board thickness. The material has a smooth off-white finish; joints should taped before finishing board plaster is applied.

For steelwork, protection thicknesses of 15, 20 and 25 mm are available. Depending upon the steel section factor (Hp/A m-1), with double layers and staggered joints, up to 120 minutes' fire resistance can be achieved (Fig. 11.7).

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