Information papers

BRE IP 1/91 Durability of non-asbestos fibre-reinforced cement.

BRE IP 2/91 Magnesian limestone aggregate in concrete.

BRE IP 11/91 Durability studies of pfa concrete structures.

BRE IP 6/92 Durability of blastfurnace slag cement concretes.

BRE IP 15/92 Assessing the risk of sulphate attack on concrete in the ground.

BRE IP 6/93 European concreting practice: a summary. BRE IP 16/93 Effects of alkali-silica reaction on concrete foundations.

BRE IP 5/94 The use of recycled aggregates in concrete.

BRE IP 7/96 Testing anti-carbonation coatings for concrete.

BRE IP 11/97 Progress in European standardisation for the protection and repair of concrete. BRE IP 9/98 Energy efficient concrete walls using EPS permanent formwork.

BRE IP 11/98 Assessing carbonation depth in ageing high alumina cement concrete.

BRE IP 8/00 Durability of pre-cast HAC concrete in buildings.

BRE IP 15/00 Water reducing admixtures in concrete. BRE IP 20/00 Accelerated carbonation testing of concrete.

BRE IP 9/01 Porous aggregates in concrete: Jurassic limestones.

BRE IP 11/01 Delayed ettringite formation: in-situ concrete.

BRE IP 18/01 Blastfurnace slag and steel slag: their use as aggregates.

BRE IP 1/02 Minimising the risk of alkali-silica reaction: alternative methods.

BRE IP 7/02 Reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete panels.

BRE IP 15/02 Volumetric strain of concrete under uniaxial compression with reference to sustained loading and high grade concrete.

BRE IP 4/03 Deterioration of cement-based building materials: lessons learnt.

BRE IP 16/03 Proprietary renders.

BRE IP 3/04 Self-compacting concrete.

BRE IP 6/04 Porous aggregates in concrete.

BRE IP 12/04 Concrete with minimal or no primary aggregate content.

BRE IP 11/05 Innovation in concrete frame construction.

BRE IP 17/05 Concretes with high ggbs contents for use in hard/firm secant piling. BRE IP 3/06 Reinforced concrete service life design (Parts 1,2 and 3).

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