Profiled sections

Profile trough sections in clear or coloured 6 or 7 mm cast glass are manufactured in sizes ranging from 232 to 498 mm wide, 41 and 60 mm deep and up to 7 m long, with or without stainless steel longitudinal wires (Fig. 7.4) (BS EN 572-7: 2004). The system can be used horizontally or vertically, as single or double glazing, and as a roofing system spanning up to 3 m. A large radius curve is possible as well as the normal straight butt jointed system, and the joints are sealed with one-part translucent silicone. The standard double-glazed system has a U-value of 2.8 W/m2 K, but this can be enhanced to 1.8 W/m2 K by the use of low-emissivity coated glass. Amber or blue tinted versions are available for solar control or aesthetic reasons. The double-glazed system produces a sound reduction within the 100-3200 Hz range of typically 40 dB.

Vertical standard glazing Fig. 7.4 Profiled glass sections

The incorporation of 16-mm-thick translucent aerogel insulated polycarbonate panels into profiled trough sections significantly increases the thermal insulating properties of the units. Airborne sound insulation is enhanced, particularly at frequencies below 500 Hz. Light transmission through the translucent aerogel panels is approximately 50%, but UV transmission is zero. (Aerogels are described in Chapter 13 Insulating Materials.)

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