Selfcleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass has an invisible hard coating 15 microns thick, which incorporates two special features. The surface incorporating titanium dioxide is photocatalytic, absorbing ultraviolet light, which with oxygen from the air then breaks down or loosens any organic dirt on the surface. Additionally, the surface is hydrophilic, causing rainwater to spread evenly over the surface, rather than running down in droplets, thus uniformly washing the surface and preventing any unsightly streaks or spots appearing when the surface dries. Self-cleaning glass has a slightly greater mirror effect than ordinary float glass, with a faint blue tint. It is available as normal annealed glass also in toughened or laminated form. The surface coating, which reduces the transmittance of the glass by about 5%, is tough but as with any glass can be damaged by scratching. A blue solar control version, suitable for conservatory roofs, reduces the solar heat gain by approximately 60% depending upon the thickness of glass used and its combination in a double-glazing system.

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