Soundgenerating glass

Terfenol-D is a magnetostrictive material which when stimulated by a magnetic field expands and contracts rapidly producing a large physical force. If a device containing Terfenol-D is attached to the smooth surface of glass and an audio input is fed into the system, then the whole sheet of glass will vibrate, acting as a loudspeaker. Thus shop windows can be turned into loudspeakers, producing across their surface a uniform sound, which can be automatically controlled to just greater than the monitored street noise level, thus avoiding sound pollution. Two devices, appropriately positioned, will generate stereo sound. Magnetostrictive devices will operate similarly on any flat rigid surfaces such as tabletops, work-surfaces and rigid partitions. Terfenol-D is named from the metallic elements iron, terbium and dysprosium from which it is manufactured.

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