BS 187: 1978 Specification for calcium silicate (san-dlime and flintlime) bricks. BS 743: 1970 Materials for damp-proof courses. BS 1243: 1978 Specification for metal ties for cavity wall construction.

BS 3921: 1985 Specification for clay bricks. BS 4729: 2005 Clay and calcium silicate bricks of special shapes and sizes - Recommendations. BS 5628 Code of practice for use of masonry:

Part 1: 1992 Structural use of unreinforced masonry.

Part 2: 2000 Structural use of reinforced and pre-stressed masonry.

Part 3: 2001 Materials and components, design and workmanship. BS 6073 Precast concrete masonry units:

Part 1: 1981 Specification for precast concrete masonry units.

Part 2: 1981 Method for specifying precast concrete masonry units. BS 6100 Glossary of building and civil engineering terms:

Part 0: 2002 Introduction. Part 5 Masonry.

Sec. 5.1: 1992 Terms common to masonry. Sec. 5.3: 1984 Bricks and blocks. BS 6477:1992 Specification for water repellents for masonry surfaces.

BS 6649:1985 Specification for clay and calcium silicate modular bricks.

BS 6676: Thermal insulation of cavity walls using man-made mineral fibre batts (slabs):

Part 1: 1986 Specification for man-made mineral fibre batts (slabs).

Part 2: 1986 Code of practice for installation of batts (slabs) filling the cavity.

BS 6677 Clay and calcium silicate pavers for flexible pavements:

Part 1: 1986 Specification for pavers. BS 6717: 2001 Precast, unreinforced concrete paving blocks.

BS 6750: 1986 Specification for modular co-ordination in building.

BS 7533 Pavements constructed of clay, natural stone or concrete pavers.

BS 8000 Workmanship on building sites:

Part 3: 2001 Code of practice for masonry. BS 8208 Guide to assessment of suitability of external cavity walls for filling with thermal insulation:

Part 1:1985 Existing traditional cavity construction. BS 8215: 1991 Code of practice for design and installation of damp-proof courses in masonry construction.

BS EN 771 Specification for masonry units: Part 1: 2003 Clay masonry units. Part 2: 2003 Calcium silicate masonry units. Part 3: 2003 Aggregate concrete masonry units. Part 4: 2003 Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry units.

BS EN 772 Methods of test for masonry units.

BS EN 845 Specification for ancillary components for masonry:

Part 1: 2003 Ties, tension straps, hangers and brackets.

Part 2: 2003 Lintels.

Part 3: 2003 Bed-joint reinforcement of steel mesh-work.

BS EN 934-3: 2003 Admixtures for masonry mortar. BS EN 998-2: 2003 Specification for mortar for masonry. Masonry mortar.

BS EN 1015 Methods of test for mortar for masonry. BS EN 1052 Methods of test of masonry. BS EN 1344: 2002 Clay pavers - requirements and test methods.

BS EN 1365-1: 1999 Fire resistance tests for load-bearing elements - walls.

BS EN 1996 Eurocode 6: Design of masonry structures: Part 1.1:2005 Rules for reinforced and unreinforced masonry.

Part 1.2: 2005 Structural fire design. Part 2: 2006 Design considerations, selection of materials and execution of masonry. Part 3: 2006 Simplified calculation methods for unreinforced masonry structures. PAS 70: 2003 HD clay bricks - guide to appearance and site measured dimensions and tolerance.

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