Water absorption and suction

The level of water absorption is critical when bricks are to be used for damp-proof courses, or as engineering bricks. Appropriate limits are shown in Table 1.2, although generally absorption ranges from 1 to 35%. Suction rates are now quoted by most brick manufacturers, as high values can adversely affect the bricklaying process. Bricks with high suction rates absorb water rapidly from the mortar, making it insufficiently plastic to allow for repositioning of the bricks as the work proceeds. Generally, low or medium suction rates (1.0-2.0 kg/m2 per min) are advantageous. In warm weather, high-suction-rate bricks may be wetted in clean water before laying, but any excess water will cause the brick to float on the mortar bed and will also increase the risk of subsequent efflorescence and staining.

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