Waterrepellent And Waterproofing Paints

Silicone water-repellent paints can be applied to porous surfaces including brick, concrete, stone and renderings to prevent damp penetration. Such treatment does not prevent rising damp, but will allow the continued evaporation of moisture within the masonry. Two-pack epoxy waterproofing systems may be applied to sound masonry surfaces to provide an impervious coating. Typical applications are to rooms where condensation causes the blistering of normal paint films; also in basements and solid external walls where penetrating water is a problem, providing that a good bond can be achieved between substrate and epoxy resin. Bituminous paints provide a waterproof finish to metals and masonry and may be used as a top dressing to asphalt or for renovating bitumen sheet roofing. Aqueous bitumen coatings, if fully protected against physical damage, can provide a vertical membrane where the external ground level is higher than the internal floor level.

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