Zinc was known to the Romans as the alloy brass, but it was not produced industrially until the mid-eighteenth century, and was not in common use on buildings until the nineteenth century. The cut surface tarnishes quickly to a light grey due to the formation of a patina of basic zinc carbonate. The metal is hard at ambient temperatures and brittle when cold. It should therefore not be worked at metal temperatures below 10°C without prior warming, and heavy impacts should not

Left-faced limber grounds fixed to substructure with hot-dip zinc-coaled steel screws into plugs

Fig. 5.26 Lead-faced timber cladding panels. Permission to reproduce extracts from BS 6915: 2001 is granted by the British Standards Institute
Fig. 5.27 Lead tile roofing - Haberdashers' Hall, London. Architects: Hopkins Architects. Photograph: Courtesy of Lead Contractors Association

be used within the forming processes of bending and Table 5.12 Colour codes for grades of zinc folding.

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