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The basic theory of TCM

TCM can be traced to 1000 BC, but the first and most important classic of TCM had been completed during the Qin Dynasty (200 BC). The classic Huang-di Nei-jing (Inner Classic of The Yellow Emperor) - firstly build up TCM theory completely. Many basic concepts of TCM were expatiated in this work such as the fundamental substances in TCM, the meridian theory and the basic approach to diagnosis and treatment and so on. The basic substances include Qi, Jing, Xue, Jin-Ye and Shen. Qi means 'energy', 'vital energy'. Jing can be translated as 'essence', governing growth, reproduction and development. Xue means 'blood', but not merely the physical substance that is recognised as blood in Western Medicine. It nourishes the body and Shen. Jin-Ye, which means 'body fluids', is considered to be the other organic liquids that moisten and lubricate the body. Shen can be translated as the mind or the spirit of the individual. The Meridian system consists of twelve main channels, each links together...

What is Chinese medicine

To many Western readers, Chinese medicine may seem strange and unreliable. It is hard for them to understand why the needle and herb can cure the disease. It is the case, even in China, that some Chinese look on TCM as a mysterious thing. But it is a truth as you know, China is a country that has a long long history and magnificent national culture. And TCM emerged at least 3000 years ago (in Chinese history, that is Shang Dynasty - 1000 BC), and has serviced the Chinese people for about 3000 years. Generally, TCM is a unique system of diagnosis and health care approaches. It is based on a profound philosophy and the concept of the universe outlined in the spiritual insights of Daoism (one of the Chinese religions), and it has produced a highly sophisticated set of practices to cure illness and to maintain health and well-being. These practices include acupuncture, herbal remedies, massage, diet, meditation, and both static and moving exer

Medicine East and West

Perhaps someone still argues whether TCM is science or not. But TCM has been developed in China for several thousand years before Western Medicine was introduced into China in the Qing Dynasty (about 100 years ago). In fact, Medicine East and West are two quite different ways of seeing, and thinking about the body and disease. Western Medicine is concerned mainly with isolatable disease categories or agents of disease and tries to change, control or destroy them. The Chinese Medicine, in contrast, directs the attention to the complete physiological and psychological individual. Illness is a pattern of disharmony of the whole body (entity). Treatment aims to restore harmony and to rebalance the interconnections between all aspects of the organism. Anyway, TCM is an old science but with good prospects. I am sure that the Chinese medicine will be widely accepted throughout the world in the next 50 years as

The Jaipur Exhibition and Museum 188084

Jaipur Portfolio

1880-1922), began to assemble objects in 1881 and these were continuously displayed in a small improvised museum. In 1883 the completion of a new palace administrative building on the eastern side of Jaleb Chowk, the outer courtyard of the palace bordering Sireh Deori Bazaar, provided the occasion for this display to be relocated and promoted as a special temporary (two-month) exhibition. The building, known as the Naya Mahal, was designed in a neo-classical style by the Executive Engineer, Samuel Swinton Jacob.16 Additional objects were loaned for the display by the Maharajas of neighbouring states. The purpose of the exhibition, as later recalled by its organizer - another surgeon, Thomas Holbein Hendley - was not simply to entertain the public but more importantly 'to present to the craftsmen selected examples of the best works of India, in the hope that they would profit thereby'.17 Like de Fabeck before him, Hendley was concerned to promote indigenous skills and he believed that...

The Heian period

Courtyards And Corridors Urban Planning

It is interesting to note that this same concept of ki is employed by traditional Chinese medicine, both in diagnosis and treatment. This and other points of similarity have led to the suggestion that acupuncture may have developed out of the historically older science of geomancy. Many of the names assigned to acupuncture points make clear references to geographic and topological features - bubbling spring , sea of energy , small swamp , bending pond , inner garden , outer hill , receiving mountain and more besides.

Future objectives

In another decade we are likely to find much broader acceptance of alternative therapies. In the West, we have only recently begun to understand and accept the contribution that alternative health remedies can bring. How much more there must be to learn about traditional Chinese medicine, for example, and environments such as the Glasgow Homoeopathic Hospital may well be the forerunner of many other buildings in the future seeking to combine traditional medicine, alternative therapies, and a high quality of environmental design.

Chinese Herbs

Chinese Herbs

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