Hanson Welcomes New Guide From Energy Saving Trust

Hanson Building Products has welcomed the publication of the Energy Saving Trust's latest guide, entitled 'Energy Efficiency and the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4! The EST encourages energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, and promotes better insulation and heating efficiency, and cleaner fuels for transport. The cover features Hanson's EcoHouse™ which demonstrates the company's latest developments in sustainable modern masonry construction and 'smart' living, as well as the benefits of offsite fabrication, high thermal mass and natural ventilation. The guide provides technical guidance on new homes designed to achieve 44°/o lower C02 emissions than the minimum levels specified in the national building regulations. Topics covered include construction and commissioning, future proofing, and scenarios for achieving the EST's 44°/o solutions.

Water consumption is easy to reduce using Honeywell pressure reducing valves. The water pressure to many premises is much higher than necessary. A Honeywell pressure control valve on the supply provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective means to reduce water pressure within the system and so reduce consumption, as less water flows to waste while taps are left running, such as to wash hands. It also minimises flow noise and protects installations from damage caused by excessive pressure. Connections on hoses to appliances are less likely to leak. Honeywell manufactures flanged valves with cast iron bodies up to DN600 (24 inch) diameter, and also small brass-bodied valves with DN15 to DN50 (1/2 inch to 2 inch) connections. The cast iron valves will reduce overall water pressure to multi-dwelling buildings and industrial and commercial premises, while the brass valves can control flows to individual floors or sub-units.

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