Isoenergy Plans Save Country House Costs

Isoenergy is a company specialising in the design and installation of cost justifiable renewable energy systems and over the years, rather surprisingly, it has proved to be old country houses that can benefit most from the application of 'green' energy. Such properties are notoriously difficult to insulate effectively and even more inefficient to heat. The application of modern energy efficient heating systems utilising naturally generated power, however, can make very substantial cost savings and improve effective heat provision as well as appeasing the green gods of the environment as the owner of a large rural property in deepest Surrey agrees. Built in the early 18th Century, his six-bedroomed farmhouse is timber framed with brick and stone inserts and has a walled front garden with converted outbuildings to one side. The owner asked Isoenergy to devise an eco-friendly system that would cut costs and improve fuel efficiency. The Isoenergy design involved a great deal of discreet insulation - never easy in a building where nearly 300 years of wear, tear and settlement had ensured that no room angle will be ninety degrees - plus the installation of a NIBE Fighter 2020 air/ water heat pump in the rear garden, linked to a new 200 litre hot water cylinder feeding the original radiator system. The existing oil-fired boiler was retained as a back-up for peak usage but its use has now been cut from 180 days per year to just 10. While the new heating system is still comparatively new, it appears that the Isoenergy estimate of a heating bill reduction from £3,000 to around £800 is totally realistic.


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