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Now that you have read "The $50 & Up Underground House Book" you may be asking, "Can I design and build a home or other structure with what I have learned here?" The answer is a cautious, qualified, "Yes."

Yet we don't recommend it. We have found that most people have trouble transferring knowledge from a book into actual practice. A number of homes we have seen built from this book have been disappointments. The folks, sad to say, botched the j°b.

Not that the book itself failed. Readers, reviewers and builders alike overwhelmingly agree this is the finest book on the subject. The problem is that books are two dimensional, soundless, unmoving. The problem is underground housing presents new problems that even many professionals fail to recognize. The difficulties for owner/builders are greater yet, especially for those who have never built before. More is needed.

So author Mike Oehler has given us more: six hours of instructional video tapes that greatly expand the teachings and principals set down here. He shows slides of a variety of successfully designed and built P/S/P structures in various stages of construction and completion. He works with scale models to show you in three-dimension the Twelve Approved Methods of Design — seven more that are explained in detail in this volume. He takes you on two video tours of the underground structures on his land.

For many however the most valuable part of the combined Workshop/Seminar Videos comes during tape two, when instructor Mike Oehler takes you through the design course — the same course he has taught at leading universities across North America and Europe. Using the copyrighted design kit that is included free he soon has you designing underground homes with windows from all four directions of the compass in each and every room!

That is too many windows, of course. When you design your own home you will want to cut back. But you will have the knowledge to design windows into each and every room from what ever directions you want. Most professional architects are capable of designing underground with windows from only one direction in the entire house. As a viewer/participant/designer of this remarkable course, you will beat the pros at their own game.

We figure the design course in this six hour video set alone is worth more than 100 times the cost. Look at it this way: if you build a house that you live in for ten years is it worth $10,000 to have windows in you bedrooms? That comes out to about three dollars per day. How about if you also get windows in the kitchen where you wouldn't have had them before — windows on two or three sides of the kitchen. And two or three times as many windows in the living or family rooms. A house that is now no longer cave-like, no longer a tomb, but is light and airy, bursting with sunshine, with gentle breezes of fresh air flowing through because of the cross ventilation. Is that worth three dollars per day? Well, it's not going to cost you that. IT'S ONLY GOING TO COST YOU THREE CENTS PER DAY. And it will add at least $10,000 to the resale value of the home: These videos not only assure you a wonderfully livable house, they put money in the bank for you too. For those designing and building underground there is no better bargain.

There's more. In the third video you learn how to build an earth sheltered greenhouse so effective that it can take tomatoes into the second week of December on the Canadian border without any additional source of heat other than the sun and earth. The first one ever built has taken hardies like kale and the cabbage family clear through the winter. This greenhouse gives your family a year-round source of fresh, unsprayed vegetables and will pay for itself in food savings in a year. It will feed your family in time of crisis.

The third tape does more, far more. It teaches you how to build a shelter that will take your family and friends through the worst that nature and man can throw your way — for as little as $50 ($1,000 if you buy all new materials.) You will survive nuclear fallout, high winds and tornadoes, fire, earthquakes and riots. In gentler times your shelter is a root cellar, storage area, kids play room or spare bedroom. The tape shows you how to convert the shelter into livable emergency housing with windows when the crisis has passed and most above ground structures have either blown or burned down. We advise everyone to build a shelter first to learn the Post/Shoring/Polyethylene method where your mistakes are not so visible. You can live in it then, should you wish, while you are building your permanent underground house.

Though we can sell you just the Low Cost Underground House Workshop (Videos 1 & 2 plus free workbook and design kit) or The Shelter Seminar (videos 1&3 plus shelter plans) we urge you strongly to get the combined set—all six hours of videos, plus the workbook with design kit and shelter plans. You not only will save $39.50 over the cost of buying the two sets separately but you will get all the information necessary to build a complete life support facility for time of crisis and an extremely low-cost and comfortable lifestyle system for normal times.

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