uem building codes.

New uproar. Petitions. Angry citizens groups. The state legislators decided then to make the code optional by county decree throwing the burden back upon the commissioners of the individual counties. In our county within the last six months it has been uneasily decided to adopt the codes within the city limits of the county seat, but not in the rural areas. People on farms are temporarily free to build as they wish. For a while. Until the next round of arm twisting.

So you are not safe no matter where you move. Big Brother is going to follow you. Possibly you might get your house down in time, possibly not. Barring some miraculous enlightenment on the part of the majority of Americans, and an unlikely breaking of the corporate/governmental power grip on the lives of the individual citizens, the chances of outrunning the codes are going to get dimmer with each passing month. Consult the J Ching on this one. Or ask the Great Potato. If the advice is to move, move fast.

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