Build Underground With Concrete Or Other Socially Approved Material And Bring The House Up To Code

This alternative defeats much of the purpose of this book. You don't want to build with concrete if you can possibly help it, for all of the reasons stated earlier. And if you try to bring the house up to code it is going to be nearly impossible to survive in the country unless you happen to be independently wealthy.

Every back-to-the-lander is in a bind. If a guy stays on the land and gardens, builds, cuts firewood and the like he has no money for hardware and the other essentials. If he works out—that is, off his land—then he has no time to garden, build, cut firewood. Most homesteaders cope with this by putting in 16 and 18 hour days and by doing it for years, alternating from short term jobs to working on the land. Somehow many of them manage to make it. But building to code is so expensive it virtually wipes out the homesteader's lifestyle. If a guy builds to code he always has to work out. Which is what some people believe is behind the current push for rural codes. The independent, self-reliant Ameri can is viewed as a threat in corporate circles. That kind of guy doesn't buy new cars, doesn't buy plasterboard and TV dinners.

Even so, even if you must build with concrete and meet codes, you are still much better off going underground. One Illinois franchiser of concrete underground home construction companies claims that it is possible to build underground and meet all of the codes for as little as half the cost of comparable surface housing.

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