1. Property Owner:_____________________________________________________________________________________

2. Wrecker-Salvager:_

3. Location of Property:__________________________________________________________________________________________

4. Description of Structure:_

5. Consideration: Amount:_, paid by_

6. Length of Time to be completed:_


1. That Property Owner shall permit the demolition of the structure described above on the property described above and Wrecker-Salvager agrees to demolish the same in the length of time set forth above.

2. Wrecker-Salvager agrees to clean up the site of the building and agrees to remove all rubbish and debris except the removal of any foundations, and except as otherwise permitted herein: Exceptions:_

3. Wrecker-Salvager shall have the right to salvage all materials taken from the building except as follows:


4. The consideration in the amount set forth above in Paragraph 5 of the Recitals in the amount set forth in Paragraph 5 is to be paid by the person so stipulated to the person so named in Paragraph 5.

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