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Is there an American with a sense of beauty who doesn't hate the sight of the subdivisions which have defiled our landscape?

Yet here is where underground housing offers one of its greatest potentials. By putting our subdivisions underground we can have neighborhoods of unequaled aesthetic appeal. Walking down the street of an underground subdivision would be like taking a walk in a park, or in the country. The stroller would see beautifully landscaped mounds with only an occasional door or window peeking out.

Subterranean subdivisions would offer the ultimate in privacy and view. It would be possible to design so that no one house would have a view of another. Landscaped mounds of earth separating the sunken patios of the houses would not only ensure visual privacy but would be sound barriers as well.

And there is the added benefit to the home owner of a doubling of his yard space since the roof becomes additional garden or lawn.

These are what subdivisions of the future will be like.

A Sunken Subdivision

We include this drawing with misgivings. It is not the way we would like our subdivisions to look. Mostly it's the garages which cause difficulty. We left them above ground so as to avoid long driveways draining back towards the house, driveways which could ice up in the winter making use hazardous or impossible. Because the garages are above ground we had to pitch the roofs excessively making them somewhat useless as yard area.

In certain areas these technical difficulties may be overcome and the garages buried. For example, drainage problems could be reduced considerably—soil conditions allowing—with the use of precast porous concrete blocks in place of slab driveway pavement. A better idea would be to group the garages on a community basis. Better yet would be to design communities where private automobilies are unnecessary.

The ultimate solution to this and, in fact, 90% of America's problems would be to eliminate subdivisions and cities altogether—to lure the population back to the 23 farm acres, which is each American family's share; to reintroduce the people to the joys and deep satisfactions of growing and making their own, of individuals once again having control of their lives, of living in harmony with the natural order.

Though getting closer, America is still not quite ready for this. So we present this subdivision, above ground garages and all, as an interim step, as something the average American can relate to. If we can just get the nation to earth-over her buildings we will have taken the first big leap back to sanity. Then we can begin the rebuilding of society in earnest. . . .

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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