The Basic Design

If not the First-Thought House, what then is a design which is suitable for hillside underground construction? We offer the Basic Design, the design of the original $50 underground house and of all our subsequent hillside work. It's a design of proven success.

The Basic Design consists of two things: (1) a shed roof house with many windows which face (2) an excavated patio on the uphill side. It looks like this:

INVITES ELEVATION CHANGES WITHIN A HOUSE. Elevation changes within a room or between rooms can be of distinct advantage in a house. We've devoted a special section to this later. A shed roof is the perfect roof to have over head in such circumstances. It invites these elevation changes.

ADDS INTEREST. Why do we spend most of our lives in squares and rectangles? A shed roof (therefore a slanted ceiling) adds interest and character to any room. It breaks the old patterns.

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