The Round House

If professional builders are constructing your house and/or if you are building with concrete you might want to try a round house to break out of the box syndrome and have something different. The American Indians being in close harmony with nature believed strongly in round structures—in round just about anything, in fact. It might be difficult to do a round structure by the PSP system but it should be easier with concrete. There is much to be said for the structural integrity of a round concrete house: being curved the walls have the strength of an arch to withstand lateral thrust. Carry the theme further by building round sunken patios which intersect with the curve of the house. I would suggest a pitch to the roof to encourage the drainage to run off even if it is concrete treated with vulcanized waterproofing, though some underground concrete architects seem to have success with flat roofs. To get light and views in the center of the house you could do a clerestory or an elevated garden/greenhouse atrium.

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