Typology of Urban Design Projects

Each project described in this book can be categorized by procedural type, project type and the major paradigm employed, and thus the foci of concern it represents (Figure 3.8). The capital complex in Chandigarh (see Chapter 7), for instance, is a total urban design, a precinct design, with its major focus being on the symbolic function of urban design as a display (what some critics call 'urban design as theatre') and carried out within a Rationalist mode of thought. Battery Park City, in contrast, is an all-of-a-piece precinct design carried out within a Neo-Empiricist intellectual framework.


Geometricism Neo-rationalism

Commercial pragmatism

Non-judgmental kitsch

Landscape urbanism

New urbanism

Le Corbusian school


Bauhaus School Townscape ^ Garden City Empiricism City Beautiful Baroque -


Post-modernism . Modernism Neo-classicism






Figure 3.8 A typology of urban design projects.

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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