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Canary Wharf, the centerpiece of the London Docklands redevelopment, is an offspring of La Défense. The government of Margaret Thatcher had been encouraged by that scheme's success as a commercial venture to pursue a similar policy in London. Following the example of La Défense, Canary Wharf has been designed to cater to the commercial development of London outside its traditional commercial centre, the City. It is located on what was once a thriving port site abandoned as the result of changes in the size of ships and the nature of transportation technology, particularly the development of containerization. For all intents and purposes this brown-field site had been totally cleared except for the remnants of the docks.

Today, the area comprises 18 office buildings, a retail centre, hotels, a conference and banqueting centre, five parking stations (in addition to the parking below the office

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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