Charles Center Baltimore Maryland redevelopment 195470

It is difficult to imagine how later developments such as Inner Harbor (1968 to the present; see Figure 8.72) and the even later baseball stadium (1988) could have taken place without the earlier development of Charles Center. By 1994, Charles Center's success as a catalyst in spurring other developments meant that it was no longer the heart of Baltimore. Few urban redevelopments can claim that type of success. It is also an example of an urban renewal project that did not begin by totally clearing the site and then rebuilding it de novo.

Baltimore, like many other American cities, found itself facing strong competition from suburban centres from the 1950s onwards. Department store sales in the city dropped 10% between 1952 and 1957. There was a similar decrease in tax revenues. The office space occupancy rate was, however, healthy (97%) suggesting that the area had potential for renewal if problems with the aging infrastructure and decaying buildings could be addressed. No new building of consequence had been erected in the downtown area for 20 years.

In 1954, the business community formed the Committee for Downtown, Inc. A year later the Greater Baltimore Committee, Inc. (GBC), a private business group was established. The groups merged to form a nonprofit, private-planning group, the Planning Council of the GBC. It became, in essence, a planning consultancy. Being a private and local group not only was it removed from much political infighting but it knew Baltimore. It also had considerable energy, if for no other reason than it saw the future

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