Potsdamer Platz Berlin Germany a for a consumer society 1991

Before World War II Potsdamer Platz was the major node of Berlin and the termination of the railway line to Prussia. Like any node its quality was a function of its surroundings. They were diverse making an activity-rich area of hotels, caf├ęs, art galleries and artists' workspaces. The war changed all that. The area was demolished by allied bombs and divided by the partitioning of Berlin that the end of the war brought. Only the Esplanade Hotel and the Weinhaus Huth survived the bombardment. They stood in a wasteland between the occupied zones of Berlin.

The precinct now consists of or, rather, will consist of three portions: the Leipziger Platz and its enclosing buildings, and the two areas that are the subject of this study. The one north of the Neue Potsdamer Strasse is now known as the Sony site and the other that lies across the road from it is known as the Debis site. In 1990, the landowners hired Richard Rogers to make a proposal for the area (see Figure 8.45). In 1991, the Senate (i.e. government) of Berlin held a widely publicized design competition for the whole South Tiergarten area. It attracted 16 entries from internationally renowned architects. It was won by Heinz

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