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There have been many street improvement schemes around the world. They have generally been landscape architectural projects that have not dealt with the enclosing elements that make a street a street. Baron Haussmann's redesign of Paris under Napoleon Ill's patronage was very much a three-dimensional design. Although the streets were designed as a unit, the buildings that form them were built by different developers. Haussmann's Paris was clearly a large all-of-a-piece urban design following strict guidelines but those later inspired by his work forgot this point.

Albert Speer's work under another dictator, Hitler, never came to fruition but it was boulevard-based total urban design on a large scale for Berlin. It was very much concerned with the three-dimensional qualities of the street. Monumental in nature it was designed to impress. So was the Avenue of the Victory of Socialism in Bucharest. It was built, entirely with state funds. Many less-ambitious street designs have also been built as total urban designs. The cul-de-sac in Radburn is part of larger total residential neighbourhood unit design (see Figure 7.19b). In recent times the woonerf (or what are now being called 'home zones', a combination of a multi-use street and adjacent houses) has captured the imagination of many architects. It is designed both as a play space for children and a place for parking cars (Biddulph, 2002). The cul-de-sacs in Radburn function in much the same way although they were not intended to do so. The example of a street chosen to be described here is at the opposite end of the scale. It is mammoth. Will it be regarded one day as a great street? It is considered to be ghost town today.

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The scheme is a total urban design with Rockefeller as Governor, the President of the State University System and the architect working hand in hand with the SUCF. The new campus met its goal of giving SUNY, as a whole, a higher profile and enabled it to compete effectively with

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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