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There are many kinds of waterfront developments. Battery Park City, on the Hudson River, with its central commercial area and residential background buildings, is one kind. The Singapore River, which was once a major transshipment location, has new pedestrian walkways on both sides of it. Kuching's docks are now a waterfront park. The preservation and redevelopment of finger-wharfs into mixed-use developments is yet another product type. Such developments tend to be total urban designs (e.g. Pier 39 in San Francisco, Walsh Bay in Sydney and De Boomjes in Rotterdam). A frequent type of redevelopment of pocket harbours has been into what have been called 'festival markets'. There are a number of them around the world.

The precedent for the festival market type of development was set with Baltimore Inner Harbor (1965 to present; see Figure 8.72). Others soon followed. There are a number of examples in the United States (e.g. Norfolk, Virginia and Miami, Florida); in South Africa there is Cape Town's Victoria and Alfred Docks, and in Australia there is Darling Harbour in Sydney. Cynical (and somewhat snobbish) critics say that they are all the same. They do indeed include many of them same uses - major attractions such as museums and international brand shops - and they are all on waterfronts. The successful ones, and there is a high

success rate, all attract local, out-of-town and international visitors. It is this mix of visitors that is also a major attraction for visitors. Darling Harbour, somewhat shaky financially but surviving, may well be the best of them. It certainly had the opportunity to learn from a number of antecedents.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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