Pruittigoe East St Louis Missouri project 1950 proposal to remodel

Pruitt-Igoe, a Modernist public housing complex was a total urban design. It was built on a 55-acre (22-hectare) site and consisted of 2740 units in 33 eleven-storey buildings (see Figure 7.20a). It was the first 'racially integrated' public housing development in the city of St Louis. Twenty buildings were for Afro-Americans and thirteen were racially integrated. It had the capacity to house about 11,000 people but the occupancy rate was often only about 60%. The population density was lower than that of the Barbican (500 people per hectare as against 750) because of the amount of open space between the buildings (220 feet minimum was the requirement based on sun angles). A 'river of trees' was designed to flow through the site. The client for the project was the St Louis Housing Authority and the construction cost was 1960 $US57 million funded through mechanisms provided by the United States Housing Act of 1949.

One design team carried out the whole project on behalf of a public agency. Harland Bartholomew was the planner and the architects were Hellmuth, Yamasaki and Leinweber. The complex was modelled on aspects of Le Corbusier's Unité in Marseilles (see Figure 6.11) and 100 Memorial Drive apartments at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Montgomery, 1966). Although the Public Housing Authority insisted on much cost cutting, the scheme was built pretty much as designed.

The buildings had skip-stop elevators that halted only on the fourth, seventh and tenth floors (see Figure 7.20b). Access to the other floors was by staircases from spacious

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