The Case Studies

The case studies presented here include a variety of new towns and precincts of cities. The idea of a new town is widely understood although there are debates over how inclusive and independent a development a new town should be in terms of the activities it affords. They are supposed to include all the aspects of a city so that they can exist as semi-independent units within a regional context. They are seldom as self-contained as the accepted definition suggests.

The way precincts are considered here is complex. Some of the examples are located on what were green-field sites (land formerly unused or used for agriculture); others were built on brown-field sites (those previously built-upon and demolished). In this chapter, a somewhat arbitrary distinction is drawn between those precinct developments on totally cleared brown-field sites (or in the case of the Barbican in

London on an almost totally cleared site), and those involving the integration of existing buildings into a new development. Both are examples of urban renewal.

Within the category of precincts a number of distinctions have been made. Housing developments have been organized into a category, as have been campuses and streets. Housing complexes tend to be predominantly single-use areas, campuses have park-like settings, and streets are elements of urban infrastructure. Bucharest's Avenue of the Victory of Socialism is categorized in this chapter as a total urban design because it includes the buildings that line it and frame it. As such it is a very different project to the landscaping of George Street, Sydney described in Chapter 5. It is a design that involved the third dimension of a city not only its ground plane. The Avenue is also an example of autocratic urban design and in many critics' eyes an urban design disaster.

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