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I am particularly in debt to a number of people who read this work in manuscript form at various stages in its development. They are Alexander Cuthbert, Arza Churchman, Bruce Judd, George Rolfe, Arlene Segal, Ahmad Soemardi and Alix Verge. The extremely helpful comments of anonymous reviewers resulted in a major reorientation to the argument presented. In addition, special mention must be made of all the critics, stakeholders and authors with whom I have discussed the cases included in this book or who have reviewed specific case studies. The list of people is lengthy. It includes Amilio Ambaz, Alan Balfour, Jonathan Barnett, David Chesterman, George Claflen, Abner Colmenares, Ian Connolly, Vicente del Rio, Balkrishna Doshi, David Gordon, Gary Hack, Sir Peter Hall, Heng Chy Kiang, Jesus Roman Herrera, Mark Hinshaw, Arun Jain, Kathy Kolnick, Liu Thai Ker, Rene Masson, William Morrison, Waikeen Ng, Laurie Olin, Margaret Petrykowski, Boon Powell, Jim Rez, Susan Shick, Michael Sorkin, Cassio Taniguchi, Bernard Tschumi, Alfonso Vegara, Alix Verge, Elise Vider, Mike Watkins, James Weirick and Tingwei Zhang. They have helped me to enrich the text and to get the story straight.

Tracking down sources of material and illustrations has been a time-consuming affair in which I have been assisted by colleagues and students at a number of educational institutions: the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Sinan Mimarlik Universitesi in

Istanbul and CEPT, the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology in Ahmedabad. The individuals who have assisted me include El-Hassan Amr, Oleksandra Babych, Clare Billingham, Kevin Brake, Giancarlo Cerutti di Ludovico, Nick Chapin, Carol Chan, Tao Cheehai, Cheng Tan Fui, Chiu Kuo-Wei, Elizabeth Cox, Janaka Dharmasena, Rich Fowler, Fu Yuan Yuan, Ahmad Kamal Abdul Ghani, Hu Min, Hu Xin, Lee Yun Tae, Lesley Thomas Jacob, Wilderich Kalthoff, Keith Koh, Kwon Kwi Suk, Lim Tracee Way Le, Jian Li, Handy Limandibrata, Liu Yu-Ning, Johnson Tan Boon Loke, Nadira Yapa Mendis, John Milkan, Jagdeep Oberoi, Shudong Pang, Andrew Napier, Ni Ming-Te, Yudi Prastowo, Sarah Rock, Ewan Saunders, Monik Setyaningsih, Malvin Soh, Andrew Tam, Tran Thai Nguyen, Wang Bo, Wang Chao, Kathryn Werner, Michael White, Stephen White, Susanti Widiastuti, Dennis Wong, Wong Po Yin, Ringo Kee Fu Wong, Yan Gu, Yang Ke, Yang Lee, Yee Ling Lai, Howard Yu, Yuan Zhe, Yun Ni, Yin Yin, Nor Hamiza Zakaria and Zi Yu-fen.

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Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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