Urban Design Procedural Types and Product Types

I stated earlier that there are four major procedural types of urban design. They were:

1 total urban design where one team is in control of the whole project;

2 all-of-a-piece urban design where one team creates a master, or conceptual, plan and writes guidelines for the development of individual sites within that plan by different entrepreneurs and their architects;

3 piece-by-piece urban design where proposals to get specific activities into an area are controlled by zoning codes and incentives and penalties;

4 plug-in urban design in which infrastructure elements are used as catalysts for development.

Design professionals, however, most frequently think of urban design in terms of product types and much of the literature deals with urban design in that way.

Urban design product types can be categorized in many ways. It is impossible to devise a fine-toothed categorization system that is exhaustive and in which the types do not overlap. The typology used here is simple. Urban design product types can be:

1 new towns;

2 urban precincts of which there are many types, new and renewed;

3 elements of infrastructure;

4 possibly individual items within the city that add lustre to it: clock towers, monuments, works of art and curiosity objects.

The focus of attention in this book is on the first three types but each has many subcategories. They all encompass planning, landscape architecture, and architectural work in a unique manner that adds up to being urban design.

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

Homeowners Guide To Landscaping

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