Sikkens Sustains Hamilton Development

Sikkens products have been recognised as environmentally responsible in a prestigious urban development in Scotland that has been designed as a testament to environmental and energy efficiency. Located on former derelict land at the edge of Hamilton town centre, the homes on Miller Street advocate how modern sustainable design can be achieved in a busy urban environment, and the inclusion of the Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus water-based coatings with their lower carbon footprint, fitted in with the overall design requirements. BL21 plus offers a reduction in VOC emissions, due to the replacement of oil-based solvents with water, which also offers a quick drying solution, saving on time and associated costs.

The residential development comprises 26 units in four blocks and follows an inspirational design by Hypostyle Architects. Each of the four blocks has a thick, super insulated timber clad wall facing onto the main road and these have been protected using Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus wood coating. These huge clad walls act as a physical barrier against the outside conditions, which include the sometimes harsh Scottish climate and the noise pollution from the road. Due to their sheer size, they had to appear aesthetically pleasing, a challenge easily met by the Cetol BL21 plus coating.

"We used the Cetol BL21 plus on the Douglas Fir timber because of its appearance but also because of its environmental properties," explains Steven Rae, project architect at Hypostyle. "The whole theme of the development is sustainability and the Sikkens product fitted neatly into the specification requirements." Innovative, environmentally friendly design techniques have been applied throughout the development, ensuring that the homes have minimal effect on the environment. "As timber is a highly sustainable construction material, we have made extensive use of it in the scheme and by protecting it with Cetol BL21 plus, we have been able to maintain the sustainable theme to the highest degree possible," continues Mr Rae. Sikkens Cetol BL21 plus is an alkyd/acrylic coating which absorbs into the timber surface, offering full protection against the damaging effects of sunlight and weathering, and allows the flexibility necessary for the natural movement of timber.

The design was chosen through a competition promoted by clients, Clyde Valley Housing Association in conjunction with Communities Scotland and Hamilton Ahead (South Lanarkshire Council). Miller Street utilises passive and active principles to ensure an environmentally friendly design ranging from thermal walls to solar panel technology, creating a sustainable community on a particularly tight urban site.

Photographs supplied Hypostyle Architects And Clyde Valley Housing Association.

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