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Looking And Seeing Through Drawing Modern Sketchbook Practice

The practice of looking is as important as the practice of designing. The sketchbook allows the looking to become more critical - the image produced by drawing heightens awareness of the subject and offers a greater range of potential to the designer. Freehand sketching is a way of recording subjects in a more rigorous way than simply photographing them, thereby helping to cultivate visual memory and critical judgement. Looking is a precondition to exploring subjects beneath the surface, and this is further developed by sketching. Hence, there is a linear progression between looking, sketching, drawing and designing. A distinction is made here between sketching in the field, drawing in the studio, and rationalising one's thoughts through design.

Relative importance of drawing models and CAD at different stages of design evolution by architects interviewed

Design work', arguing that sketching helps reinforce his visual memory, and Alsop does the same. Farrell thinks, too, that his earlier New York sketchbooks may have influenced his approach to design although today Farrell sees sketching as a 'way of seeing rather than a way of designing'. Six of the architects interviewed (Cullinan, Foster, Fraser, Grimshaw, Gordon Murray and Allan Murray) did, however, admit to using the sketchbook as a method of recording the site and analysing its visual characteristics - these early sketches then being used to test design proposals. The use of referential drawings where the design ideas interfaced with the site context proved useful to explaining design concepts to clients or community groups. Alsop took the opposite view, stating that he never draws the site, preferring to use digital cameras, which produce images that can be scanned and used to interact with emerging freehand designs. Farrell, too, prefers the camera to record the site, which he...

Andreas Hartmann

Nevertheless, celebratory meals in particular do provide a framework for collective memory and collective remembrance. It is not only in speeches at the table that we regularly come across a passage including those present symbolically, those who are physically present and those who are absent at this time, the deceased. Conversations at the table as well often circle around past feasts and meals eaten together in the distant past. They bring back to life times when the old people were still alive. People always like talking passionately about another meal at meals, and above all about the people who were there at the time. But it is not just about speeches and telling stories there are also the memories that have accumulated around objects like a patina, a silver napkin ring perhaps, a wooden spoon that has worn smooth, an old-fashioned wineglass or item of cutlery, etc. These too are communication and ascertainment media, and can guarantee that the absent and the deceased will be...

Narrative Museum


From the outside, the Washington museum fits into its site while having its own character.10 The hexagonal Hall of Remembrance suggests a synagogue, and the brick towers and gables of the exhibition spaces allude to the gateway to Auschwitz II-Birkenau, a visual memory emphasised inside.11 The bare brick surfaces and metal fittings, and scale of rooms and stairways, offer what Weissberg describes as 'an overwhelming visual experience' in which the inscription of names on glass walls differs from that of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in that they 'do not bear the heaviness of any gravestone' but seem 'to dance in air and, at the same time, diffuse the light and provide an oblique view of the floor below' (Weissberg, 2001 19). Weissberg notes that the internal bridges which evoke those of the Warsaw ghetto 'are crafted in perfectly rendered steel', and that the architecture alludes not only to the models of the ghetto and concentration camp 'but also to the refraction in which we are...

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