Illustration Credits

Arup Journal 1/96:17

Bauhandwerk 1-2/1991: 92 (11).

Calbucci Photo Gallery: 30 (5).

Carmen und Elin Corneil: 109 (4, 5), 111 (10,11,12).

EGB Betschart: 49.

Christian Kandzia: 103 (3,4), 104 (6,7, 8, 9), 105 (10,11).

Eustachy Kossakowski: 21,141.

Baufirma Hubert Kulmer: 43 (9,10).

Hans Purkarthofer: 43 (11,12).

Paolo Rosselli: 25,28 (13).

Herbert Schaudt: 97 (9).

Xavier Testelin: 143 (7).

All other illustrations were provided by the architects.

Building in wood has enjoyed considerable attention in recent years. In particular, the ecological qualities of this natural and renewable building material are of importance. Modern construction methods have greatly widened the scope for this traditional material; the technically advanced and aesthetically ambitious designs of architects like Thomas Herzog or Santiago Calatrava derive their special character from the use of timber.

However, the constructional details of such buildings remain something of a mystery; how this architecture is realized is a question not answered by the many publications available. In this book the engineering aspects come into their own. A representative selection of international projects from the past ten years is documented here, complete with working drawings, site photographs, details of sizes, materials and costs, as well as a precise analysis of the construction. The examples embrace a wide range of structures including bridges, industrial buildings, sports centres and houses, and cover many different regions and climate zones. All in all, a book which demonstrates the whole spectrum of possible applications for this fascinating material.

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