8 | Entrance and administration area.

9 | Detail of floor suspension, scale approx. i:20. Above: main arch with load-bearing connecting sleeve. Below: twin floor beams with steel supports and bolting.

10 | Entresol floor. Ceiling, scale 1:200, showing twin floor beams and between them the floor joists spaced at 50 cm intervals.

11, right | Connection between main arch and outer wall, scale i:io. Design of outer walls from exterior to interior: vertical weather-boarding of 18 mm cedar on laths, bitumen roofing felt, 9 mm plywood, 100 mm plywood, 100 mm heat insulation in spaces of frame construction of 100 x 36 mm members, vapour barrier, 18 mm metal rails carrying 18 mm gypsum plasterboard. In these areas the main arches are covered with metal profiles for firmer fastening to wall.

12 | Floor section, scale 1:20. Construction: 100 x 300 mm floor joists, on these 19 mm chipboards, 20 mm footfall sound insulation, 19 mm chipboard as base for floor covering. Underneath: 18 mm gypsum plasterboard on 18 mm metal rails. In space between joists two 100 mm heat insulation layers.

The outer walls are wood frame constructions. The ioo x 36 mm posts stand on loo x 36 mm bottom beams some 50 cm apart with a heat insulation layer in the spaces between them. On the inside is a vapour barrier and on that 18 mm gypsum plasterboard attached to an i8-mm-high metal rail base. On the outside 9 mm plywood panels provide the necessary reinforcement. These carry a water-repellent felt paper and the outside cladding in the form of 18-mm-thick cedar planks as vertical weatherboarding.

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