13 | Section showing waterproof roofing, scale v.20. The 88 x 303 mm glulam beams, which span the space between the main arches, carry the curved 65 x 132 mm roof beams. Underneath, attached to these on metal rails io mm gypsum plasterboards, on which rests the 100-mm-thick heat insulating layer. Above this a 6 cm air space. Nailed to the roof beams, in staggered arrangement, 2 layers of 9 mm plywood. On top of these is the waterproof roofing, sand-surfaced green.

14 | Shingle roofing with shell and counter-lathing over supporting structure, scale i:io. Waterproofing between double 38 x 38 mm counter-lathing. The supporting structure below it, not shown here, is the same as under n, but without metal rails under gypsum plasterboard.

1 | Study of entrance hall, scale 1:100: "Circus Roof" with columns and rods of steel and wood. Under the glass roof translucent marble slabs.

2 | Study of entrance hall, scale 1:200: A ribbed cupola of 24 channel shell segments forms a calm radial structure.

3 | Study of entrance hall, scale i:ioo: "Umbrella". The shaped rafters are supported at the centre by compression rods that meet in a steel ball. The latter is connected under tension to the lantern, which forms the top support of the rafters.

4 I Final design of entrance hall roof.
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