10 | The „cabin roof" during the construction stage.

n | Connection between „mast" and joist during construction.

12 | Cross-sectiori of "cabin roof" and "upper deck" with row of sky-lights, scale 1:50. Design of "cabin roof":

15 mm maritime pine-veneered plywood panels, 60 mm lathing, vapour barrier, 140 x 240 mm joists with binders, loo-mm-thick mineral wool insulation layer and 140 mm air space,

24 mm squared timber boarding, insulating foil,

106 55 mm corrugated aluminium.

Design of "upper deck": 120 x 160 mm solid wood beams, 12 mm tongue-and-groove boarding, vapour barrier, 100 mm ROOFMATE heat insulation, welded insulation sheeting, wooden lattice on Neoprene supports. In front of strip windows sunshades of edged titanium/zinc sheeting.

13 | Cross-section of facade, scale 1:50. Design of wall component with weather-boarding: 15 mm maritime pine-veneered plywood panels, varnished, vapour barrier, 120 mm hydrophobic mineral wool sheeting, 15 mm squared timber boarding, bitumen felt, 40 x 60 mm lathing, on top of this rough-sawn weather-boarding or 40 mm corrugated aluminium. In the final construction the wall panels at the bend at "tweendeck" height were not joined one in front of the other, as shown in the drawing, but evenly one above the other, which resulted in better connections and sealing.

Design of "tweendeck": 140 x 240 mm glulam beams, 28 mm tongue-and-groove boarding, 10 mm perlite loose fill, 50 mm slabs, 25 mm footstep sound insulation boards,

25 mm chipboards, finger-jointed and glued together, covered with linoleum over wool felt or 22 mm strip flooring throughout landing area.

and glued chipboard or linoleum on wool felt. The sound insulation has proved fully adequate.

The "Ship's sides": The outer walls consist for the most part of prefabricated storey-high wood-frame components of 40 x 120 mm squared boards with a 120-mm-thick insulating layer of hydrophobic mineral wool sheet (Rockwool RFP). On the inner side the components are covered with a vapour barrier and 15 mm maritime pine-veneered plywood boards and coated with DD varnish or scumble. During transport to the site and installation the interior plywood surfaces were protected by hardboard. On the outside they are covered with a vapour-permeable membrane and 15-mm-thick planks. After the wall components had been fitted the ventilated outer covering was fixed in position. This consists partly of 40 mm corrugated aluminium sheeting on 40 x 60 mm spaced boards and partly of rough weatherboarding over spaced boards. The insulation between the wall — components and between these and the window frames is of Compriband or plastic foam. Visible joints are silicon-filled.

All the structural parts were prefabricated at the works of the timber construction company, which also acted as general contractor, and were trial-assembled in the factory, thus speeding up actual erection time. Only the indoor walls were produced on the spot, a mode of procedure that proved somewhat time-consuming.

14 | Detail of connection between "mast" and central joist. On the mast two shells of 8 mm steel plate form a sleeve, which is nailed to the mast with 56 nails. Welded to this are two 8 mm flat bars, which are bolted to the flat 15 mm connecting plate of the central joist.

i | Site plan, scale 1:2000. i Lakeside plot covered in forest. 2 Entrance drive.

3 Flat area with tall trees.

4 Mooring jetty. 5 Patio.

6 View across bay. 7 View of lake.

2 | North elevation and plans, scale 1:250.1 Sleeping compartment. 2 Shower.

3 Screened entrance area.

4 Kitchen/dining. 5 Living area.

3 | Concept diagram. From left to right: position of sole plates; arrangement of the 32 floor panels; the upper floor showing the views; the ground floor with entrances indicated.

4 | The lookout tower seen from the lake side.

5 | Access passage between the entrance areas protected by insect screens, looking towards the lake. Left the living area, right the guests' bedroom.

4 | The lookout tower seen from the lake side.

5 | Access passage between the entrance areas protected by insect screens, looking towards the lake. Left the living area, right the guests' bedroom.

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