Lookout Tower arid Reception Building Nagykall

Dezsö Ekler

Subject | Dezso Ekler is a young advocate of "organic architecture" in Hungary. This movement is dedicated to the revitalization and self-orientation of original Hungarian architecture. The American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was a pivotal figure in the emergence of organic architecture; at the beginning of this century he postulated an autonomous architecture for the American democracy. This style was to attain its specific form through the correct use of materials, the organic embedment of a structure in its surroundings and an unmediated artistic expression. Karoly Kos (1883-1977), the founder of "The Young Ones" group, defined the basis of Hungarian architecture thus: "The roots of our constructive art lie in the Middle Ages, the roots of our national art lie in folk art." He saw himself very firmly in the tradition of the English pre-Raphaelites and the Arts and Crafts movement of Ruskin and Morris. In the post-war years, particularly after the failed Hungarian uprising of 1956, the ideas of this movement were spread by Imre Makovecz in particular. Dezso Ekler worked in Makovecz's planning cooperative MAKONA from 1987 to 1990.

The Nagykallo-Harangod cultural summer camp is intended for young people who wish to cultivate the traditions of Hungarian folk art: singing, dancing, weaving, carving, etc. Those taking part live in tents but the communal facilities are housed in permanent buildings. Each year from 1986 to 1989, the groups erected one of these communal buildings themselves under the supervision of an architect, namely Dezso Ekler. Built under this scheme were the dance hall (1986), the dining hall and bathrooms (1987), the lookout tower (1988) and the reception building (1989). All these structures were built as a collective effort according to the architect's sketches, and only later were proper drawings prepared in order to satisfy the building inspectorate. This working together with the materials at hand led directly and rapidly from conception to finished structure.


Cultural Summer Camp near Nagykâllô-Harangod, Hungary

Client and Owner Nagykâllô Local Council


Dezso Ekler Épitész KFT, Budapest


Both structures were built by young people attending the camp in the summer, planned and carried out under the supervision of the architect.

Date of Completion

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