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Winsome Coutts, a mother of two and a grandmother, has a teacher's certification in education and she has taught several schools in Australia and Canada. She has also written hundreds of articles concerning self-development. Winsome has a passion for the Law of attraction, meditation, Self-help of Personal development, goal setting, and the secret movie. She decided to engage in the pursuit of knowledge in the mentioned areas throughout her life. Winsome has considerable experience raising children following her studies in Child psychology at University, and as a past teacher, a parent, and a grandparent. She knows that when children learn how to plan for their future and how to achieve their goals, they have a skill that will last them a lifetime. Winsome personally studied with two popular teachers, John Demartini and Bob Proctor and both are featured in The Secret' movie. For several decades since the early 90s, she has been goal setting for kids, visualizing, and applying the law of attraction. The law of attraction for kids is the first book ever to describe the law of attraction and the term goal setting. The language employed is simple for your children to understand and it will answer any question about the life-changing topics in a more detailed parent's guide. Read more here...

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The author has done a thorough research even about the obscure and minor details related to the subject area. And also facts weren’t just dumped, but presented in an interesting manner.

When compared to other e-books and paper publications I have read, I consider this to be the bible for this topic. Get this and you will never regret the decision.

Combined Livingsleeping Areas

The kitchen Is not o specialized workroom, for it has many uses. It is used for preparation of meals, food preservation, storage of food and utensils, and also, in many cases, for eating, foundering, enter-taming, and child care. In it a woman uses her own labor and also makes full use of electric power, tap water, and manufactured or bottled gas she uses refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, mixers, toasters, and garboge-disposal units, as well as various kinds of storoge compartments and work surfaces.

Safe and supportive environment

By sharing resources, people living in cohousing have access to many more facilities than they would on their own. Gardens, play areas, workshops, darkrooms, crafts rooms, lounges and kitchen and dining areas are often part of cohousing common facilities. Raising children Given the stresses on modern parents, cohousing is an ideal way to raise children and with support from others - especially for single parents. Children have safe places and appropriate facilities in which to play outside of their homes. Children have playmates within their community. Parents have others to share child minding duties with.

Ooll And Housekeeping Area

The doll and housekeeping ares is the area most children will first turn to when they come to nursery school. It is a link to the home, and at the same time it provides the opportunity for expanding the child's concept of what a home can be. Some disadvantaged children are unfamiliar with many things that teachers assume are standard equipment or practices in any home. Some families, for instance, may not have organized meals when everyone sits down together to eat. Instead, family members eat at different times, and not necessarily at a table-

Principle 1 Create a Patient and Family Centered Environment

This principle encourages environments for both the patient and the family members. Some examples of successfully meeting this principle include the following Increase social support by incorporating a large, comfortable family zone in the private patient room (see photo 3.5 in color insert), enclosed team rooms where staff can talk without fear of being overheard by patients or family members, and employee entrances designed to communicate you are important to the employees. Provide private areas where waiting families can congregate. Use sound-absorbing tiles to help keep conversations private and further reduce stress.

Case Study St Marys Medical Center North

A number of technology solutions that enable staff to care for patients in a timely manner complete the physical design. A hands-free nurse call system allows physicians to contact nurses directly. Staff can communicate with each other instantaneously. The tool provides paging, telephone, and alarm monitoring. A patient tracking board is used by staff, physicians, and family members. It brings together key information from clinical, environmental services, transportation, and location systems in one, easy-to-read map. Patients have control of lighting, TV, window blinds, and nurse call from their bed.

One of the most significant

It is now becoming possible to pick a design from one of those firms' Web sites, order a house that can be altered specifically to fit your family's needs and the contours of your building site, get the house delivered on the back of a truck, and have it built all within in a few short months. Perhaps most important of all, these are not the banal tract homes one tends to associate with the term prefab. Instead, many are sleek and attractive, driven as much by aesthetics as by economy. A significant number are designed in the modernist idiom, which means you can now bring the Bauhaus to your house on an everyman's budget.

Sample press release on letterhead for press kit

Unique to cohousing is sharing common facilities and activities such as maintenance, meal preparation and child care. The common house, owned by all residents, will have space for more meetings, workshop, children's play rooms, crafts, and guest rooms. Cohousing was first introduced to the U.S. in 1988. Since that time 65 cohousing neighborhoods have been built in North America. An additional 250 cohousing neighborhoods in 42 states are currently in various stages of the development process.

Colonial Modern 1920s1940s

Fascist Architecture Libya

Discussions within and between both groups of architects culminated in the professional journals in 1936, and then began to fade almost immediately. Colonial architects and governments turned their attention to urbanistica and colonial segregation with the formation of AOI,5 and by and large, Italian theorizing architects returned to their original silence on matters of colonial architecture and syncretism. It is, of course, worth noting that the period of greatest activity in discussions of Italian colonial architecture coincided with the era of most intense professional consolidation and artistic pluralism in Italy itself. From this point of view, battles between architects over the best designs for Italy's colonies appear to have been an extension of battles for professional supremacy. Indeed, Mussolini had visited Libya in 1926, and various royal family members traveled to Italian holdings in North and East Africa, signaling personal interest in the colonies' development....

Valley field Epping Forest

Country Merino Shot

But the Taylors were lauded for the bravery they had shown in defending Valleyfield. Governor Arthur wrote to the family to express his appreciation, and to assure them that should it unhappily be the case that George Jr's wound proved mortal, 'every circumstance of alleviation will accompany the mournful event from the reflection that you were struggling for the common safety of your family.'

Question how do you evaluate user satisfaction

Partner Health Care Arcadia Floor Plan

Computer printer heard (from surgery 2 ) 'Its gone very quiet' - overheard from reception. Phone rings - not quickly answered. Man at reception - 'you need to get those from DSS' - phone still ringing. Young woman in sari arrives in reception - 'what is your family name ' - language problems and misunderstandings - 'S-I-N-G-H ' - the computer is off - family registration queries - 'have a seat upstairs - when you make an appointment that's the name you must use'. Man arrives and leaves reception desk. 'I've a medical - Offshore Medical ' 'Mr Smith - that's right - just come round'. Patient leaves surgery 1.

Ethics Of Giving And Receiving

Often the terms and timing of payment are an issue and several family members may be in the discussion. Thus the museum will wish to keep the gift confidential until all the terms are settled with all donors of a specific gift. At the same time, the campaign should have developed clear policies on the purpose for which the gift is intended as well as terms and schedules of pledge payments. It is also essential that the donor and the museum have terms of the agreement thoroughly reviewed by legal counsel. An interesting case occurred at the Smithsonian Institution several years ago when the secretary and a major donor easily came to an agreement on the terms of a generous, but rather unusual, gift that involved a naming opportunity. Both were comfortable with and confident that they understood the terms, but lawyers for both quickly perceived that future generations would need something more substantial in writing to avoid confusion as to the gift's intended purposes. The matter was...

Home in Snow Country

The Sato house was built in 1894 in this harsh countryside. While the exterior and parts of this imposing edifice are built to withstand extreme weather conditions, parts of the interior have been designed in the delicate aristocratic Shoin style. A wooden fence (itabei) made of scorched planks of Japanese cedar lines the approach to the Sato house and extends seemingly endlessly. The house is hidden from view from the main gate (mon). A stone pavement runs from the mon to the central gate in the second boundary wall, where one gets the first full view of this majestic two-storey house surrounded by aged cedar trees Shoin-style houses were considered a privilege of the samurai class during the 15th century, but had become an acceptable style for people like village headmen and wealthy merchants or farmers toward the end of the Edo Period (1600-1867). In the years after the Meiji Revolution, such houses continued to speak of the status and sophistication of the owner. The front...

Basic terms the language of settlement

Open work-spaces, all delimited by fences, walls and access ways. There may, of course, be more than one dwelling and or accommodation for family members or hired hands. Should the dwelling house be absent, then the term farm offices appropriately describes what is left, using the word 'office' in an older sense of 'the parts of a house used for household work or service' rather than dwelling. In Scotland the total complex would be described as a steading, while for the African example already cited the term compound is appropriate. In Britain and North America the term homestead is often applied, useful because it emphasises its social value, the place where family life takes place, where children are reared and learn basic skills. Two points should be emphasised first, farmsteads vary tremendously in character and here the adoption of specific foreign-language or local dialect terms is a useful way of expanding and defining shades of meaning. Thus the Spanish hacienda has a...

Utopian Spaces Cosmic Bodies

The Indiranagar samiti has a convenor selected by other members and normally holds office for about two years. The convenor then chooses three coordinators, each to oversee the educational, spiritual, and service wings. The activities of the educational wing involve a child development program daily tuition for about 140 160 school students from poor families yoga and art classes distribution of scholarships and books to meritorious students sewing classes for poor mothers and working women and an adult literacy program. The spiritual wing includes morning and evening rituals, regular rites performed by female devotees, and devotional sessions in people's homes every Monday. Study circles for devotees that focus on Sai literature and other scriptures also take place. There are regular lectures given by speakers on spiritual subjects about once a month. The service wing includes a weekly medical camp on Sunday attended by about sixty to eighty patients that offers both allopathic and...

Divided Spaces Ethereal Bodies

Sathya Sai Baba Empower Women

Bureaucratic class background with these households. They are mostly Tamilspeakers or businessmen from the regions of Gujarat and Sindh. The men in the former group are employed largely in public sector establishments such as Hindustan Aeronautics, Bharat Earth Movers Ltd., Indian Telephone Industries, the army, or the Public Works Department. The latter group has close links with Shirdi and with family members in Maharashtra, Sindh, and Gujarat. The temple rites certainly mobilize all these groups but do not explain how it is that the mad mendicant with his multiple heritage has come to be imagined in a way that resembles a Hindu guru, even a Hindu deity, with alternative elements being pushed underground. To understand this trajectory, we must examine the efforts of B. V Narasimha Iyer (later known as Narasimha Swami), regarded by hundreds as the apostle of Shirdi Sai Baba.

The Ideology of Villa Life in Florentine Culture and Society

Roanaoke Island

This philosophical and literary position was reflected in works and commentaries by humanist writers at the very time when the particular fashion for suburban villas became part of the larger scene of events and changes in Florentine life and, especially, the waning ofthe climate of civic renewal which had spanned the late 14th and early 15 th centuries. The relationship between politics and culture, made possible at the peak of the communal era, was already crumbling at the very moment when individual contributions of artists and intellectuals were coming to be appreciated. In its increasing estrangement from political and social reality, the humanist debate found in contemplative life an opportunity, and perhaps one of the conditions, for a new moral equilibrium.5 The doubts which troubled humanists during the second half of the 15 th century sought to find appeasement in an ubi consistam, in an idealistic approach, a return to the happy natural life. The fusion of the literary...

Design development

Everything in the Peace Gardens and the neighbouring Town Hall Square is bespoke and, as a result of the lengthy discussions between members of the design team, there is a strong family resemblance between the elements. This applies as much to the incidental features such as benches, bollards, planters and litter bins as it does to integrated water features and lighting.

Dilemmas for Singapore

Another dimension of the easy money over substance debate was the decision to develop two 'integrated resorts' in Marina South and Sentosa, which combine casinos within a leisure resort. Aimed at attracting tourists, especially from China, and increasing tax revenues, there are, however, restrictions. The Singapore leadership acknowledged the downsides and promised there would be safeguards to limit the social impact of casino gambling, such as restrictions on admitting the local population into the casinos. For example, family members of a patron may block them from entering and gambling. The very high entrance fee of SGD100 per entry or SGD2000 every year are prohibitive. A system of exclusions includes not being allowed to extend credit to the local population. As the large US casino and retail developers hover over Singapore, they promise

The Nineteenth Century Sanitary Reform Movement

The building of dwellings to accommodate the astronomic increase in urban populations in the industrializing nations during the nineteenth century lagged far behind demand. Overcrowding to inhuman levels was ensured by the prevailing building practices of the times. Unfettered by any public regulations, tenement building was a joint result of (1) the need to be within walking distance to employment and to family members and (2) the builder's greed for profit. Thus, dwellings were minute in size and packed together, with space left unbuilt only to the minimum extent necessary to provide physical access to each unit (Platt 2004, 99). One result of this pervasive overcrowding and lack of fresh water, daylight, and

Miscellaneous Issues to Consider

You will also want to consider both business and personal living expenses when determining how much cash you will need. If you are leaving a salaried job to start your business, you should include in your expense projection an estimate of your and your family's living costs for the months it will take to build your business. Talk to family members about the minimum amount of money your household will need each month to function.

Residential Buildings

Understanding how to control noise in a residential building is a critical part of your work as an interior designer. Whether you are trying to separate a home office from a blaring radio in a teenager's bedroom, or isolate the sound of a toddler's almost constant footfalls from the retired couple's apartment on the floor below, your sensitivity to acoustic design issues will help keep the peace between family members and neighbors.

California dominates 2003 AIA Top 10 Green Projects

This is the sixth year of the Top 10 program. Only one of the 10 winners is located outside the United States the Steinhude Sea Recreation Facility, in Germany, by Randall Stout Architects of California. For the first time, every winning U.S. project is located in the same state as the architects that designed it. Five are in California the Wine Creek Road Residence in Healdsburg, by Siegal & Strain Architects the Argonne Child Development Center in San Francisco, by 450 Architects the Hidden Villa Hostel & Summer Camp in Los Altos Hills, by Arkln Tilt Architects Colorado Court in Santa Monica, by Pugh Scarpa Kodama and HOK's San Mateo County Forensics Laboratory in Redwood City. The remaining four winners are the Cusano Environmental Education Center in Philadelphia, by Susan Maxman & Partners, Architects the Chicago Center for Green Technology, by Farr Associates Architecture and Urban Design the Herman Miller MarketPlace in Zeeland, Michigan, by Integrated Architecture and Fisher...

Elements of the Design of a Society

Design , in the case of societies, obviously does not refer to a single and coherent plan that rigidly determines the system, but merely to an inhomogeneous set of possibly isolated design elements. There are type-fixed components -among them artifacts, like cars, computers, and buildings. These artifacts assume certain roles in societies. Humans are also components, serving roles as family members, as professionals and as volunteers for different tasks. As in the case of socio-technical systems, we have to take into account many but not all of the places that humans occupy as places for individuals as components of the society. The places themselves are partly fixing the type of their occupants, which here means their profession. This type fixation contributes to the design of a society. Governments and administrations are type-fixed by their constitutions, as is the interaction with and among them using more or less rigid official channels. This list could be expanded almost...

Rethinking Whom to Educate

But education for creating our built environment becomes more encompassing than simply studio education when the contextual dimension is considered. Sharon Sutton has sought broader educational change in architecture by focusing on the development of environmental values among young children.127 In developing the Urban Network, a national urban design program that helps children gain a sense of control over the urban environment, Sutton has also been instrumental in having children develop the collective identity that is essential to growing up as compassionate, responsible citizens. She quotes Martin Luther King When an individual is no longer a true participant, when he no longer feels a sense of responsibility to society, the content of democracy is emptied.

Traditional society

Every part of this land is sacred to us. Every glittering needle of the pine, every beach, every mist in the dark forests, every opening between the trees, every buzzing insect is sacred in the minds of my people and in their experiences. The resin that rises in the veins of the trees carries in it the past of the Red Man. . . . The glittering water that moves in the streams and rivers is not only water, it is the blood of our ancestors. If we sell you land, you must know that it is sacred, and you must teach your children that it is sacred land, and that every reflection, how brief and vanishing it may be, in a clear lake, will tell something of the life of my people, its destiny and its traditions. And you must know that the sound of the water - that is the voice of our ancestors.3

Handwashing Sinks

The placement of handwashing sinks in patient rooms and treatment areas has led to a decrease in hospital-acquired infections. However, just placing a sink in the room does not by itself improve infection rates. The sink in combination with staff and patient education lessens the chance for infection. Sensor technology that shines a light above the sink when a person enters the room can give a visual cue for caregivers or family members to wash their hands.


Many believe providing a handrail from the head of the bed into the bathroom can help prevent falls. However, some clients are concerned that if a rail is provided, patients might attempt to ambulate unassisted when they should ask for help. Others who want to preserve the space on the headwall for equipment opt for a bathroom on the footwall. In actuality, the examination of patient fall data reveals that the location of the bathroom is less important than having a well-lit, clear path to the bathroom and a non-slip floor product. The combination of caregivers being closer to the patient (decentralized workstations) and family members spending the night in patient rooms also leads to fewer falls. In addition to these strategies, some clients use bed-escape technology that alerts the caregiver when the patient is getting out of bed.

Managing meetings

Childcare The whole group benefits if you can arrange child care for meetings. Groups that include parents or that want to encourage families with children should pay particular attention to how well they handle this issue. Your choice of a meeting location will have a major impact on child care. How separate is the area for the kids Will they distract the adults at the meeting Will they interrupt the meeting looking for mom or dad These problems are not difficult to solve, but they should be considered.

The early Edo era

Thus the third and last great wave of Chinese influence was generated by irternal rather than external forces. Kobori Enshu, one of the most influential garden designers and tea masters of the late Momoyama and early Edo era. even promulgated a neo-Confucian interpretation of the tea ceremony, which for him became an ethical imperative to be loyal to your Lord and father to be diligent in your family duties and to be careful not to lose your fnends. S9

Pedestrian pathways

A number of groups who have chosen to adopt the other principals of cohousing have retained their old relationship with their car, choosing to park at their private unit in a garage or carport. This requires more land and depreciates the opportunities afforded by the pedestrian pathways. However, the main risk is that this will lower the chances of sustaining an ongoing community in the years down the road. What will happen in five or ten years when a new person buys one of those houses with private parking at the door Will they make the effort to integrate into the community Will you ever get to know them Will you continue to feel that your children are safe among strangers


Community formation and suggests that the physical structure merely permits its development. It is not the pub, the corner shop or the chapel which created the British working-class community, but the strong family ties and the interdependence of the group in the face of financial crisis constantly present with the poor. It has long been recognized that 'community' is not necessarily a product of place. The 'community of interest' may draw members from the city, region or it may have a network of international contacts. The individual may, indeed, belong to several communities, including a local residents' group, a University fraternity and membership of an international professional association (Webber, 1964).


Another space of special importance in Smita's house is a 2oo-square-foot room designated as the Puja room.16 Here, the statue of goddess Durga occupies the central location on a podium (FiGURE 14.4), and Smita and her family members worship the goddess and perform the religious rituals associated with her. Adjoining this space is an 8o-square-foot room where Smita keeps the paraphernalia required for the religious rituals. Smita maintains active connections with India, and with the help of her family living in Jaipur, she was able to import most of the deities carved in marble. She also describes herself as a 'Hindu temple-goer' who visits the temple on a regular basis. During her initial years in California, she visited the Fremont Hindu Temple. Over time, along with a few other individuals, she decided to start a temple in the South Bay that would accommodate all Hindus and enable them to participate in and perform individual forms of Hindu religious practices. The founders wished...

Plan and Elevation

Ingvar Kamprad Kde Zacinal

The plan also helps the investigator understand the roles of family members, and sometimes the social context in which the dwelling's inhabitants operated. For example, the dwelling of the Tharu people of lowland Nepal is constructed to accommodate the welfare, comfort and needs of village and household deities (Zurick and Shrestha 2003, 23). The rectangular-plan houses are situated so that longer walls run north-south. Such position reduces heat buildup, making the interior a more pleasant place for the household deity. The doorway faces east, the direction of the village deity and the number of rooms in the house must be divisible by an odd number to prevent disturbance to the household god. Accessibility is a function of distance, but within a dwelling accessibility is also strongly controlled by social convention. Thus, the dwelling is divided into areas, rooms or spaces that have limitations of various sorts. Almost all societies recognize that free access to non-family members...

Index Of Occupancies

Child care, 5 or fewer children, R-3 any age Child care, places of worship Included with Child care, 6 or more children 21 2 years of age or less, less than 24-hour Day care, 5 or fewer adults of any age, less than 24-hour (for children, see Child care) Day care, 6 or more adults of any age, less 24-hour (for children, see Child care) Department stores Detention centers Detoxification facilities, 24-hour Drug stores

Qualitative Results

Neighborhood space is high-quality public space that draws residents and employees on a regular basis from the immediate neighborhood, including the host building and its environs within walking distance. Neighborhood space is used for such activities as socializing, child care, reading, and relaxation. Neighborhood spaces are generally smaller than destination spaces, are strongly linked with the adjacent street and host building, are oriented toward sunlight, and are carefully maintained. Amenities typically include seating, tables, drinking fountains, water features, planting, and trees, but not food service or live entertainment.

Social Issues

The traditional Sana'a house was built to accommodate a large number of family members, often with three generations living together in the same house. Today, however, new generations usually prefer, at the time of marriage, to leave the family house and live in a separate house or apartment. This is because of the enormous changes in Yemeni society which followed the Revolution. Many young people now see freedom from the restrictions of the extended family house as an important issue. Improvement in the education system has had a major effect in creating self-governing generations who can decide their


In order to build your project yourselves, you have to have the money. You will have a hard time borrowing money to build it yourselves. Bank financing requires security and predictability, and for the bank this means an experienced and licensed contractor, and a short construction timeframe. Communities that have built for themselves have done so over a very long period, and lived with substantial hardship during the process. It often precludes working elsewhere, meaning there is no source of income for the funds necessary to sustain your family, much less buy the building materials necessary for construction.

Oil And Honey

In this challenging post, you will ensure that we continue our legitimate, legal and economically vital business without interference from scientists, liberals or the public . . . You will be handsomely rewarded, at least in this life, though your children will loathe you and your grandchildren will tell their friends you died many years ago . . . We are an equal opportunities employer. Women and ethnic minorities may apply if they wish. PLATFORM has moved since to more intimate investigations of political responsibility.52 This began with Carbon Generations, a performance in which Marriott interweaves narratives of global warming denoted by Meteorological Office charts - the globe is coloured redder as the generations pass - and the story of his family over seven generations including his unborn children, from 1870 to 2080. Oil is used in motor cars owned by family members, in aircraft used in foreign holidays, and in central heating. Marriott recalls a tank for heating oil behind...

Home Arts

Facilities comprising a home arts program can range from a single laboratory space serving cooking and sewing classes to a full suite of spaces embracing these, and child development, cosmetology, living-dining, and support The family living laboratory is used for advanced courses in homemaking table service, housekeeping, home decoration, selection and arrangement of furniture, entertainment, bed making, home care of sick, leisure time activities, family living, money management, child care, and consumer education. This is the central core of homemaking facilities, Furniture and equipment should represent advanced solutions of home problems. Space should provide for dining room, living room, and flexible area for home nursing, child care, home furnishing, family living, group discussion, and film viewing. There should be at least one plastered wall for experimentation with wallpapers. Hardwood floors are preferred. Folding doors or screens could be used to separate areas. Furniture...


When helping children bathe, you should be able into reach the controls from the outside without wetting your arm. Even with soap in your eyes, you should be able to manipulate controls from inside without seeing them. Adjustable handheld shower wall bars allow each person to adjust the showerhead to the perfect height. Shower controls and heads are available grouped together into a cleanly designed panel. Some showers feature multiple shower sprays and a steam generator. Systems that allow the sprays to be moved accommodate people of different sizes, and some systems come with programmable showerheads.


A PURCHASE WILL NOT IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING. TO ENTER go to and fill In the drawing entry form. One entry per person per day. There will be 1 Grand Prize trip for 2 to the 2006 Venice Blennale awarded. Entries for the Venice Blennale trip must be received after November 8, 2005 and no later than July 14, 2006. The Venice Biennale Grand prize winner will be selected on July 15, 2006. The Venice Biennale trip must be taken between September 15, 2006 to November 30, 2006. Approx. retail value of trip 10,000. Monthly drawings will be held for Sony Cyber-shot digital cameras. Entries for the monthly camera drawings must be received after November 8, 2005 and no later than December 30, 2006. There will be 14 prizes awarded. Camera drawings will take place on the 30th of each month beginning November 8, 2005 and ending December 30, 2006. Approximate retail value of prize 350 per camera. Total Award Retail value 15,000. Employees of The...

Maps and models

Treasure Planet Flint

Like plans, static physical models can be built at different scales. Perceiving the whole 3D environment under consideration from one viewpoint may offer a cognitive advantage. The ability to appreciate the link between a scale model and space to which it refers seems to be quite basic to humans. Research on children's understanding of simple scale models suggests that young children develop an understanding of the basic symbolic correspondence between models, maps and their referent spaces at around the age of three years (Freundschuh, 2000).

Confident Kids

Confident Kids

Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents to try to make our kids as well rounded, happy and confident as possible. It is a lot easier to bring up great kids than it is to try and fix problems caused by bad parenting, when our kids have become adults. Our children are all individuals - they are not our property but people in their own right.

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